• Choose up to 3 that apply to your vehicle. Simple answer is, we don't want to send a tow truck to help with a simple jump start.
  • Please provide a simple explanation of the issue you're experiencing, and if your vehicle is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or AWD.
  • If you are not, you must leave keys or we will not tow your vehicle.
  • If not, we will have to drag the car. Please reach out via text letting us know this.
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    Please upload an image of your drivers license. We need a copy of your ID so we can verify you as the owner of the vehicle.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, bmp, Max. file size: 5 MB.
    • Please upload an image of your drivers license.
    • Upon signing this agreement, I have been advised that my vehicle and or equipment or building or property, myself or other passengers, or surrounding structures, may be damaged if winched, towed, unlocked, riding along, serviced, or left on unattended premises. I understand that Southern Style Towing does not allow any riders there are exceptions due to some motor clubs and insurances that force Southern Style Towing per there contract to allow such ridders. I agree as a rider that Southern Style Towing or its employees are not responsible for any riders including accidents that are our fault or not our fault that arise in me as the customer or my passengers getting hurt in anyway shape form or fashion this includes but not limited to me not wearing a seat belt, falling in or out of truck, or any other injury that can occur as I’m ridding at my own risk. I also agree that if I have passengers that must ride also I the owner of the car being towed is solely responsible for them even if they are of age or underage. Any injuries or damages will be the sole responsibility of the motor club or your insurance as Southern Style Towing or its employees will not be responsible. I recognize the difficulty involved and I agree to not hold the towing company or its employees responsible for any such damage should it result from any of the services provided. I understand the risk and agree that any damage done to me my passengers or my property or someone else’s property will be at my own expense to repair. If this is for a portable building or any other equipment same rules apply the tow company will not be responsible for any damages done to your property, this includes but not limited to (scratches, dents, dings, ruts in grass, gutters, tree limbs, power lines, septic tanks, water lines, all damages etc.) I understand that I have the right to refuse using Southern Style Towing and have my motor club, insurance dispatch out another company if I do not agree to these terms.
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